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Quality and transparency are the key drivers for Lutfi Electronics that raised its presence in the consumer electronics and home appliances market, and garnered strong brand loyalty since inception in 1971With headquarters in Dubai, the Group has a number of successful subsidiaries among which Lutfi Electronics is one of. It is one of the largest single retail chains in the UAE specialising in consumer electronics, such as kitchen and home appliances, air-conditioners, built-in white goods, and a range of audio-visual products, including panel TVs. Lutfi Electronics also promotes its own brand, NOBEL, a renowned household name for the past 40 years. NOBEL is a home appliances brand that existed long before competitors made their way to the UAE, and has positioned itself perfectly as a brand that aims to bringing families together. Apart from that Lutfi Electronics have also been trusted with the exclusive agency from Bompani, a leading Italian kitchen appliance brand for well over 20+ years. 

Lutfi Trading E-Commerce

We continuously develop and expand strategic products in our Consumer Electronics division. We have branched out and created a consumer friendly e-commerce website to showcase our range online for customers to shop with ease. A team of over 10 individuals are in place to serve your needs at any given time to ensure you have a pleasurable experience. Visit the link below to shop amazing deals now!

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